Companies / Waste Solutions

  • Envac - Product: Envac designs and installs turn-key automated waste collection systems for small to large-scale residential and commercial developments. The company also provide comprehensive services, from operation and maintenance to performance assessment of delivered systems. Business idea and model: Envac designs, … Continue reading
  • Grace Organic - Product: The Food Tracker measures and analyses food waste in restaurants, professional kitchens and grocery stores. The Food Waste Master converts food waste into organic fertiliser known as Grace Organic. Business idea and model: With the Food Tracker concept, customers … Continue reading
  • Hans Andersson - Product: Recycling of all industrial waste fractions. Visit website:
  • Reculture - Product: Waste to energy technology allowing treatment on unsorted waste. Visit website:
  • Wa3rm - Product: The WA3RM mission and contribution is to develop regenerative industrial infrastructure projects. We combine waste streams and add technology or biological processes and third party sustainable capital to create industries that produce food, feed, fuel and other vital substances. Combine, add, create – that is … Continue reading