Companies / Urban Farming

  • Alovivum - Product: Alovivum uses an innovative aeroponic farming technology developed by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). With this farming method, the roots are sprayed, in contrast to the conventional method where the plant draws up nutrients and water from soil.  
  • Gårdsfisk - Product: The literal translation of Gårdsfisk is “farm fish”, which indicates the concept to turn old run-down countryside farms into fish farming facilities. The first fish farm is already up and running, delivering fresh fish to nearby restaurants and supermarkets in … Continue reading
  • Grönska - Product: Grönska has developed a vertical indoor farming system based on LED lamps and hydroponics. The nutrients are all organic and there is no use of pesticides, all made possible by the controlled indoor environment. Visit website: http://www.grö
  • Green Fortune - Visit website:
  • Greenelizer - Product: Design & architecture services, green building, energy efficiency, sustainable communication & visualization, local community support, lectures & education. Business idea: We call our method Transition Design. This means that we work with applied design methods to achieve a transition towards … Continue reading
  • Lantfisk - Product: Indoor fish production. Visit website:
  • Plantagon - Product: Vertical farming technology. Visit website:
  • Sustopia - Product: Sustainable city development services. Webmagazine on sustainable city development. Visit website:
  • Svensk Aquaponik - Product: innovative aquaponic farming techology. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Berga land management high school are developing the product in a joint R&D project.