Cleantech Högdalen is a new business development platform in Stockholm created in order to support the internationalisation of Swedish innovative technologies in the fields of waste management, recycling and energy. The cooperating partners are Stockholm Business Region DevelopmentRoyal Academy of Technology (KTH), IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, Högdalen Association of Enterprises, Stockholm Cleantech Association and 50 technology companies.

The platform is being supported financially by the City of Stockholm and Tillväxtverket, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Read about the companies in the following areas: energy, waste, water, green building and environmental services.

Please have a look at the pdf introduction Waste & energy management in Stockholm/Högdalen.

Forum Högdalen – company exhibitions

Forum Högdalen for Sustainable Solutions is a meeting and exhibition room open to Swedish and foreign technology companies. In close co-operation with the regional cleantech association Stockholm Cleantech, the forum supports the introduction of new technologies.

Forum Högdalen

About Högdalen industrial area

In the heart of the energy management district of Högdalen, south of Stockholm, a local cluster of cleantech companies is starting to grow. In this district the Stockholm energy company Fortum turns 700 000 tonnes of waste into clean energy every year in one of Europe’s most modern plants. A new market for solar technologies, green buildings and energy efficiency is being driven by the urgent need to retrofit the entire industrial area.

Högdalen Industrial Area

Support from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities

In 2012 the city development initiative ”Högdalen 2020 – the sustainable industry city” received a grant from the agency Delegation for Sustainable Cities. It supports a local dialogue, networking activities and energy studies. The aim of the project is to establish a public–private partnership for a long term improvement of the district’s sustainability and energy performance. The project involves companies, real estate owners and research institutes.

Technical visits

The project welcomes professional visitors looking for cooperation with companies participating in the project as well as other cleantech companies in the Stockholm Region. Read more about technical visits to Högdalen industrial park on the section our services. Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made program.

Meeting at Forum Högdalen