Stockholm has set a goal to be fossil fuel free by 2040

Stockholm has already lowered the CO2 emissions per capita by 44 % since 1990, but the ambition is now to become completely fossil free until 2040. A crucial part of this goal is to integrate sustainability in all strategies and city planning.

Other important measures to achieve the goal of fossil fuel independence:

  • Refurbishment of existing housing stock, aiming at lowering energy consumption for heating. Further advancement and integration of systems for waste-to-energy and district heating. The goal is that Stockholm will have fossil free heating by 2030 at the latest.
  • Exchaning of buses that run on fossil fuels. All buses in Stockholm are now running on fossil free fuel.
  • Congestion charges was established on a permanent basis in 2007.
  • Increase production and avaliability of biogas. By 2020, 70 % of all food waste should be used for biogas production.

For more info on the city’s plan to become fossil fuel free, download the pdf Stockholm – A fossil fuel free city 2040.