TerraPlants offer plant solutions for indoor and outdoor


The embryo of TerraPlants was Terrakultur, which was started already in 1967. At this time, there was a growing awareness of the importance of a good workplace environment, and plants was introduced in office environments as a way to promote tranquility and create privacy. Terrakultur was started to fulfill these needs, and grew over time to one of the leading plant companies in Sweden. The most important cornerstone of the Terrakultur concept was the realization that plants in office environments needs care from a professional plant technician in order to be perceived as natural and fresh.

After almost 50 years in the business, Terrakultur was bought up. But after taking a break for five years, the people behind Terrakultur decided to start up the business again under a new name, with hand-picked personnel and the same business idea as before. Today TerraPlants offer plant solutions for indoor use as well as outdoor use.

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