Stockholm Vatten starts new waste-water treatment project


The city of Stockholm is growing rapidly. To meet the population surge, the municipality’s water company Stockholm Vatten has identified a need to increase its capacity by expanding and renovating its waste-water treatment plant. This will be achieved by concentrating its capacity in Henriksdal’s waste-water treatment plant, which will be transformed into one of the world’s most modern treatment plants. A new tunnel from Bromma to Henriksdal will be constructed and the treatment plant in Bromma will be taken off-line and closed down. The total investment will amount to around SEK 6 billion, and will largely be funded by selling off the attractive plots of land made available by the closure of the Bromma treatment plant.

The renovation of the Henriksdal treatment plant and construction of a new tunnel will begin in 2016 and will take approximately three years. The tunnel will be over 15 km long and will be 30-90 m below ground.

The investments made by Stockholm Vatten in Sickla and Henriksdal will include a new pre-treatment facility in Sickla, with a new pump station, new coarse screening and primary sedimentation basins. The Henriksdal plant will be equipped with new machinery and new technologies, including membrane distillation.

This project will have many positive effects on the environment, both by eliminating heavy transports to Henriksdal and Sickla, and by the world class purification technology to be installed in the Henriksdal plant