Green urban projects in Stockholm

butong bjorns
The Cleantech Högdalen network of companies offers a co-operation platform for the new industry of city farming and green installations. Investments in roof gardens, indoor farming and urban ecosystem services are becoming more and more attractive to real estate owners, as well as construction and housing companies in Stockholm.

Green roofs and rooftop parks are being planned by many of Stockholm’s leading property owners and developers. For example, AMF, one of the largest real estate owners in the country, is currently involved in a project they call “Rooftop”, which will be a rooftop park and leisure area on top of one of the largest and most central shopping malls in Stockholm.

The city of Stockholm is also collaborating with construction companies and developers in newly-built residential areas to increase the number of green spaces, urban habitats, and ecosystem services in the C/O City project.

There is also a major effort to install green roofs and living walls in the ongoing nationwide project to renovate Sweden’s “Million Programme” public housing projects and industrial/commercial areas.

The project supports new green technologies, both from Swedish and international companies, catering to commercial areas in the Stockholm area. Stockholm County Council and Vinnova – the Swedish Innovation Agency – are co-funders of the project